League Rules

Revised October 2019

  1. The league is to be split into 2 divisions of 5.
  2. Division 1 top 5 from 2019 and division 2 the bottom 5.
  3. Point scoring remains the same and the fixtures are to be home and away.
  4. Relegation and promotion of 2 teams each year.
  5. Each team will consist of 8 members.
  6. Competition is 4 ball better ball match play, maximum handicap 20, players with a greater handicap may play but they must play off 20.
  7. All competitors must hold a current handicap registered at the club they are representing.
  8. All competitors must be over 16 years of age. PGA assistant professional are not allowed to compete.
  9. Matches played as drawn
  10. Played over normal matchplay 18 holes, the league score is the result of each individual game 1 point for a win ½ point for a draw.
  11. Team match result is the sum of the game scores. In the case of a forfeit match the result is 3 - nil.
  12. Full results to be communicated by the home team to the league secretary within 4 days.
  13. A fixture list will be produced and the home team must contact the visitors to arrange the match date before the end of the current year.
  14. All attempts must be made to play the match within two weeks of the previous years match, and confirmed dates updated on the web site.
  15. Any club unable to field a team on the day will forfeit 4 points.
  16. In the event of a tied league the winner shall be decided by
    • Considering the matches between the joint winners.
    • If no decision reached then Jamboree result included.
  17. A match may start with one player, the absent player may join at anytime without penalty.
  18. Home team collects all money for food on each visit.
    • Food - meal prices to be £8 but each player will pay £10 with the extra £2 to be collected and held by the captain and at the end of the season the money collected is given to the host of the Jamboree for a prize fund.
    • Meal to be of Breakfast / Ham Egg Chips Standard.
    • It is the home teams responsibility to ensure that adequate food is provided after the match to all participating players
  19. Practice rounds by arrangement, are not part of the competition and a guest green fee expected.
  20. Cup preliminary round - the four losing teams from the Jamboree play a preliminary round the two winners join the remaining six in the 1st round proper and then losers from that go into the plate competition.
  21. Ties in cup/plate matches to be decided by last group playing sudden death but if unable to complete due to bad light, weather etc, then full replay to played at away teams’ venue.
  22. The Cup/Plate finals are to be played over two rounds home and away and if there is a draw the captains will agree on the number of holes to be played by the last group out, if there is a draw after these holes have been played the cup/plate will be shared.
  23. Annual Jamboree is to be rotated by mutual agreement..